Frequently asked questions

“Where is your clothing manufactured?”

All clothing is sourced locally in Ontario

“What does dangerous mean?”

dangerous means taking a risk, no matter how big or small

“Why is the brand named dangerous?”

We chose dangerous because we stand for equality and daring to be different

“What is dangerous?”

dangerous is a streetwear clothing brand, based out of Toronto, ON

“What is streetwear?”

Streetwear is fashion that is inspired by the streets, not from studios.  Usually seen in youth culture and major urban centers.

“What makes you different from other brands?”

Dangerous is more than just a brand, it's a lifestyle. By wearing our clothes, you represent that you believe in equality. No matter who you are, we all stand together for one thing. We dare to be different and follow our dreams- no matter how big or small.

Here are 5 reasons why: 

  1. high-quality clothing 
  2. affordable prices
  3. bold styles
  4. simple designs
  5. motivation to follow your dreams

“How long does shipping take?”

Expedited Parcel (1 to 7 business days)

Xpresspost (1 to 3 business days)

Priority (1 to 3 business days)

“How much is shipping?”

It depends on which method you choose.
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.

“Do you ship internationally?”

YES, we ship worldwide. All countries, continents, and cities.

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